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What is a pressure sore?
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How can pressure sores be prevented?
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How should pressure sores be treated?
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What are the most common seating, positioning, and postural problems for people who use wheelchairs, & how can they be corrected?
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Where can I communicate with other people with spinal cord injuries and disorders about these issues?
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Who manufactures and/or refurbishes wheelchairs for people in developing countries?

American Wheelchair Mission
Delivers new, free wheelchairs and mobility aids to children with physical disabilities throughout the world who are without the means to acquire them. Maintains a strong focus on the needs of North, Central, and South Americans.

Arthur B. Schultz Foundation
Provides online wheelchair donation and distribution services in developing countries and establishes independent in-country manufacture and repair shops for mobility equipment in Vietnam and Guatemala. Sponsors the Whirlwind RoughRider Wheelchair Project in Vietnam.

Chariots of Hope
Collects used wheelchairs for repair and redistribution around the world at no cost to the recipients. Areas Covered: National: Connecticut, Massachusetts Area; International: South Africa, Peru, Anguilla, Haiti, Ghana, Bulgaria, Tanzania

Direct Relief International
Works with partner clinics, hospitals, associations, and organizations in over 140 countries, with an emphasis on people living in developing countries and survivors of disaster or war, to provide medical resources, including wheelchair donations.

Free Wheelchair Mission
Partners with a network of manufacturing, shipping, and distribution organizations to create and donate economically manufactured wheelchairs to individuals with physical disabilities worldwide.

Friends of the Disabled Latin America (FRIDLA)
Supplies mobility equipment to people with physical disabilities in Chile, Peru, and Bolivia, and conducts outreach initiatives to provide disability-related education.

Hope Haven International Ministries

Manufactures pediatric wheelchairs, provides trained personnel to fit refurbished wheelchairs, and provides rehabilitation and vocational training to people with disabilities around the world.

Intelligent Mobility International

Designs, produces, and distributes affordable and durable wheelchairs that are suitable for the terrain in developing countries to help people with disabilities live independently and maintain sustainable employment.

Designs and produces low-cost wheelchairs that have been designed specially for the rough tracks and roads of the local surroundings in developing countries.

Personal Energy Transportation International
Constructs and distributes three-wheeled, hand-cranked vehicles to countries worldwide to provide mobility for people with physical disabilities.

Shonaquip and
Designs and produces low-cost paediatric wheelchairs and 24 hour posture management equipment designed for use in under resourced and rural areas. We support the WHO seating guidelines through the provision of mobile seating services, capacity building and training programs together with government and many local community partners.

Wheelchair Foundation
Distributes hospital-style wheelchairs to people with disabilities in developing countries and the US.

Wheels of Hope
Collects, reconditions, and gives wheelchairs, walking aids, and related durable medical equipment to people with disabilities in developing nations.

Wheels for Humanity
Refurbishes donated wheelchairs and individually fits them to children and adults with disabilities in developing countries, and partners with international health-care organizations to identify those in greatest need.

Wheels for the World
Collects, refurbishes, and delivers donated wheelchairs to people with physical disabilities around the world through their International Ministry Outreaches.

Whirlwind Wheelchair International
Provides teaching and technology to help people in developing countries manufacture, fit, and provide durable, low-cost wheelchairs, while promoting sustainable local economic development.

Where can I find information on WHO’s guidelines for wheelchairs to support users in developing countries?
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The Cushion for Life
Because every wheelchair user needs a proper cushion to help prevent posture
deformities and some need a special cushion to help prevent lethal pressure sores.
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The JARIK Fluid Cushion helps prevent the pressure sores that kill tens of thousands of people in developing countries due to infected pressure sores.
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Better Posture And Function
For people not at pressure sore risk, the JARIK Contoured Foam Cushion provides better posture, balance and comfort.
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