JARIK Medical will set up and train Exclusive Master Distributors capable of importing container lots, distributing in their country and redistributing to  Exclusive Country Distributors in surrounding countries. Distributors will be trained and added starting in 2011. It is anticipated that it will take 3-5 years to cover the majority of countries in the developing world.

Existing distributors include:

CHINA: www.china-jarik.com
KENYA: www.apdk.org
S. AFRICA: www.shonaquip.co.za

CLASP: www.clasphub.org
CLASP is an international distributor of high qualìty assistive technology designed to work well in less resourced settings where cost and durabilìty are key concerns. Ordering JARIK Cushions from CLASP allows customers to combine shipments with other assistive technologies, thus making shipping more efficient. CLASP delivers orders of any size to anywhere and fast.

For your nearest distributor, contact info@jarikmedical.com

In addition, JARIK  Medical will make its cushions available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) that want to provide JARIK cushions with some or all of their wheelchairs. Our first partner is:

Distributors are responsible for translating JARIK education materials in their country languages. The following graphics WITHOUT TEXT can be downloaded for this purpose:

JARIK Fluid Cushion brochure

Download the PDF file

JARIK Fluid Cushion
User Manual

Download the PDF file

JARIK Contoured Foam Cushion brochure

Download the PDF file

Wheelchair and Cushion Fitting Guide

Download the PDF file
The Cushion for Life
Because every wheelchair user needs a proper cushion to help prevent posture
deformities and some need a special cushion to help prevent lethal pressure sores.
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The JARIK Fluid Cushion helps prevent the pressure sores that kill tens of thousands of people in developing countries due to infected pressure sores.
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Better Posture And Function
For people not at pressure sore risk, the JARIK Contoured Foam Cushion provides better posture, balance and comfort.
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